Our New Story: A Medicine Wheel for the Luminous Human Beginning Online June 2021

Our New Story: A Medicine Wheel for the Luminous Human
Beginning Online June 2021!

The Medicine Wheel is a four-fold map of consciousness, that allows us to move beyond our old limiting stories, into our destiny and our service in the world.

This training is for you, if you are:

  • Struggling with the current state of the world or your world;
  • Depleted from the politics of division, or from a year of quarantine;
  • Desiring to make a deeper connection to nature;
  • Longing for a deeper, more meaningful connection to Spirit, to yourself, to your soul family, to your destiny; and/or
  • Have an inner fire that is calling you to be of service in the world.

We are pleased to announce that our 2021-22 Online Medicine Wheel dates are:

South (The Call) – June 3-6;
West (The Quest) – September 9-12;
North (The Initiation) – December 2-5; and
East (The Return) – March 3-6, 2022.

Our program combines the elements of traditional Andean shamanism (Mesa creation) with the stages of the (S)Hero’s journey, as described by Dr. Joseph Campbell and Dr. Jean Houston.

The South Direction focuses on the way of the Serpent, learning to free ourselves to fully claim the present moment by shedding the past the way the serpent sheds its skin.  In the south we step in and claim the way of the healer and walk the path of beauty.

The West Direction is the place of the Jaguar, where we move beyond fear and violence to the place of the peaceful warrior, the warrior with no enemies. Here we release the generational and karmic influences from our past by embracing the setting sun, the place of necessary death.  In the West, we develop and sharpen the skill of “tracking.”

The North Direction begins the spiritual journey of this tradition, as we move from the place of power to the place of knowledge, the way of the sage. Here, we learn how to step outside of ordinary time and into the timeless now, where we can influence events that occurred in the past and select our destiny. Like Hummingbird, we learn to seek nectar in our lives.

In the East Direction, we will discover the place of the rising sun, the new day and the new dawn.  This is the place of Eagle and Condor. We will explore how to “dream the world into being,” how energy and intention create reality, and how to manifest our visions for ourselves and for the world through conscious creation.


All trainings are live online via Zoom. Attendees must take all four workshops in order. Successful completion is a pre-requisite for Condor Journey Professional Shamanic Training.

To ensure an intimate space, each class will be limited to 25 students. We recommend that you reserve your spot right away.

Early Tuition Discount

If you choose to pay per class, the early tuition fee is $425. After the early tuition date, the fee is $495.

We offer a discounted tuition $1500 (a $200 savings) for students paying in advance for all 4 classes, by the early tuition deadline.

Early Tuition Deadline is April 22, 2021.

We also have a discounted rate for those who are repeating the ONS training.

Conference Call 

We will hold a series of informational conference calls about the training, soon. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about the series.

Medicine Wheel Testimonials

To see what students are saying about our Medicine Wheel training, please visit our student testimonials..

For further information and to register, please leave a message at our contact page.

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