Love Is A Verb

February, the month we most associate with love, has arrived!

Underneath Valentine’s Day’s hearts, flowers and treacly sentiment marketed by florists, chocolatiers, card companies, etc., this holiday holds a lovely message.

It is a reminder to LOVE.  And to demonstrate our love to those we hold dear.

Recently, for my birthday, my darling husband, wrote me the most beautiful love letter I have ever received. This, in our 32nd year of marriage, and after almost a year during which both of us have worked together from home. With a new puppy.

I’ll say no more!

My dearest’s letter was directly from his heart and landed like an arrow in mine. It inspired me to reconsider how I wish to demonstrate love to my inner circle, to the community, and in the world.

This last year in quarantine, has been difficult for many to surf.  Our in-person connections have dwindled to a small number in our bubble.  Or we are attempting to keep our relationships strong via phone calls and online meetings.  We have experienced Groundhog Day repeatedly. Some have lost jobs and loved ones.  My husband lost a cousin to Covid-19 in the Spring. A number of friends and family members have contracted Covid, with varying degrees of seriousness.  We count ourselves lucky to have come through the year safely.

This year has served up some strong medicine for sure.

At the same time, there are gifts in slowing down, appreciating the “ordinary” things, and in having the opportunity for a life review.

My beloved’s letter sparked such a life review for me. It shifted the way I interact with my loved ones. In my work life, I have recommitted to my purpose – which is to be a constant force of love (Munay) in the world.


The Q’uecha word for unconditional (the highest form of) love is “Munay.” Munay is not a blissed-out state of being. It is a verb.  It expresses through our actions and the state of our Ayni (right relationship with ourselves, with others and with the Pachamama).

Munay is even embedded in powerful rites of passage, from the Q’ero Elders. The Munay Ki are the 9 rites of initiation of the Q’ero – in their new form. In the Medicine Wheel training, which I offer, students receive these rites in both the new form and the traditional form.

photo by Red Amsellem

Together, these rites and the transformative work students do around the wheel, assist in the shedding of personal, ancestral, and karmic stories that have obstructed the ability to hold and share Munay. Or to see oneself as worthy of Munay.  The work also connects students to an ancient lineage of Wisdomkeepers, who assist in the unfolding of the student’s destiny.

All of this is to say, that the entirety of the Medicine Wheel, this ancient path of consciousness, is meant to demonstrate that WE ARE LOVE and to remind us, when we forget. Even more, it catalyzes our service (our Munay) in the world. It is a deep heart-opening journey.

Wherever you are, as we surf these unprecedented times, I hope that you can tap into this sense of Munay and intuit the level of offering from the Q’ero lineage. This year, we will share a number of opportunities in which you might connect further with the lineage.

We begin our online workshops in June with the Medicine Wheel series, and The Nusta Karpays (the 7 Rites of the Divine Feminine), and followed by the Pleiades Star initiations in August.

To be continued….

And, drum roll please……..Next year, we will host the Q’ero Elders, near Asheville, North Carolina!

Our New Story:  A Medicine Wheel for the Luminous Human (Online)

We are thrilled to announce our 2021 Medicine Wheel training and would love to have you join us!  We begin our four-part series on June 3, 2021. For more information, click here.

Q’ero Visit – In April & May of 2022

We are excited that Q’ero Elders Don Francisco and Dona Juna will join us again in April/May of 2022!  Due to the Pandemic, it was necessary for us to cancel our 2020 event, and to reschedule a planned 2021 event.  The third time is a charm, yes? Additional details are coming later this year. In the meantime, please let us know of your interest by sharing your contact information here.

My Gratitude 

Please know how deeply grateful I am to be on this journey with all of you.  Happy Munay Day!

Big Love,


Victoria Johnson
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