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Our New Story: A Medicine Wheel for the Luminous Human 2019

  • The Call – South – March 8-10, 2019
  • The Quest – West – June 7-9, 2019
  • The Initiation – North – Aug. 23-25, 2019
  • The Return – East – Nov. 15-17, 2019
When Victoria Johnson announced her Medicine Wheel Training, “Our New Story,” I jumped at the chance. From previous workshops, I knew that she was a shaman, wisdom-keeper, and teacher of the highest caliber. I also knew Victoria to be a powerful manifestation and channel of Divine Feminine energy.

Victoria holds sacred space with integrity, warmth, and heart. But I was entirely unprepared for the depth of transformation, the unforeseen reunions and the life re-directions that would ensue from her Medicine Wheel Training. And I’m only just finishing the West direction!

These are life-changing teachings shared by an outstanding teacher and shaman. If you want to change your life, this training is a powerful and loving way to transform!
Kate Smith, Ph.D. ​ | @journeysmithshamanicarts
Victoria Johnson is one of the most extraordinary teachers I have witnessed.

When I first took her Four Winds West class, I was nervous, as I am not terribly good in large groups of people.

The right teacher can make a class of 60 seem like an intimate personal experience. From her first introduction, she held the space and attention of each student in the room. Her magic manifests in intuitively understanding the group dynamic while preserving the integrity of an individual’s need.

Victoria creates a safe environment for learning which is critical in deep spiritual or personal work.
Jean Sage
Mt. Shasta, California |
I never could have imagined the depth and sweetness of feelings I would feel upon completing the Medicine Wheel. Each direction had such profound teachings that through each (South, West, North and East), my life began to open up. I gained new insights, new appreciations of my own and others' possibilities, and the supreme joy of being a part of an ancient lineage.

As a teacher, Victoria brings to these powerful classes, her own special loving spirit, deep compassion and wisdom that speaks directly to your heart of hearts. It is clear that she loves, knows, feels and lives this work. Between her humor and her total support, I was encouraged and challenged with such love and care that the experience was easy and full of grace.
Loyd Kinnett
Atlanta, Georgia | Retired Relationship Coach

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