The Condor Journey is the journey back to our soul’s deepest calling. Our life experiences, our family histories, and our karma can derail our destiny and drain our power to manifest in our lives.

Navigating shamanic realms requires an experienced practitioner who can mediate between the worlds of energy and matter, negotiate with powerful archetypal energies, and use sacred tools and ancient wisdom on behalf of her client.

Victoria Johnson, Founder of the Condor Journey, is a seasoned shaman and teacher of energy medicine whose passion is to assist clients and students in reclaiming their purpose and in building courageous mythic stories for themselves and the world.

Welcome to the Condor Journey


- Victoria Johnson


Working at the Energetic, Mapping at the Mythic, and Grounding at the Physical


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I have always loved myths.

Our narratives have the ability to shape the course of our lives. We can see our journeys as dramas in which we have no power, or we can see them as epic tales in which we bring love, truth and beauty to every moment.

I believe that our crucibles are the greatest of our teachers and the source of our greatest gifts.

Our planet is in the midst of significant change, as we birth the new humanity. It is a time of immense growth and opportunity to create a world of beauty and peace. And, as always, it begins with us.

I believe in you, and your ability to live an epic life of passion and service! It would be my honor to support you…

In Munay,

There comes a moment on the journey when the spark of divine light that has been hidden within the heart ignites, and the soul wakes up. This is our divine nature, our real Self, the true wonder of our being—the real spiritual journey, the real transformation, belongs to it.
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Within the Heart of Hearts: A Story of Mystical Love

Workshops & Trainings - Offerings for 2021-22

2021-22 Online Medicine Wheel
  • South (The Call) – June 3-6;
  • West (The Quest) – September 9-12;
  • North (The Initiation) – December 2-5; and
  • East (The Return) – March 3-6, 2022
Additional 2021 Workshops
  • Nusta Karpays – June 18-20
  • The Pleiades Star Initiations – August 6-8

2022 Q’ero Event

Q’ero elders, Don Francisco Chura Flores and Dona Juana Apaza Ccapa, shamans from Cusco, Peru are returning to Flat Rock, North Carolina!!

April & May, 2022

They will share their powerful teachings, ceremonies, initiations, and healings!

Further information will be posted later in the late summer of 2021.

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The Gift of Shamanism in Challenging Times

I was delighted to speak with Marianne Pestana, of the “Moments with Marianne,” Radio Show (iHeart Radio.), recently.   The topic was “The Gift of Shamanism in Challenging Times.” Marianne is a lovely intuitive interviewer and a gifted literary publicist. Check out Marianne’s website here.

Hear the Full Podcast Here

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