There are those who follow maps, and those who make them.

Are you ready to make your own map?

Private consultations are anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes and are performed over the phone or via Skype. Sessions are prepaid via Credit or Debt card. Our fees are commensurate with our experience, and also include a follow up contact to support the integration of the client ‘s work.

Please contact Condor Journey for a list of fees and services, or to schedule your consultation today. 

Our clients find that phone sessions are much preferred given the intimacy that is created. Because the shaman journeys to alternate realities on behalf of the client, there is no difference between distance and in-person work.

The science of quantum physics and several rigorous scientific studies have supported the effectiveness of the healing power of prayer, done from a distance. The Q’ero Elders, high Shamans of the Q’ero lineage, have followed the maps of these alternate domains for hundreds of years, journeying and working there to find a healed future for their clients and the world.

At Condor Journey, we access these same technologies for our global network of clients.

Victoria Johnson has been extremely helpful to me as I learn how to focus on my personal energy and strength as a source to fuel the many roles that I play in my life. I met her when I was seeking a better balance and it’s true – when the student is ready – the teacher appears. That is certainly the case with my meeting with Victoria. Her past experience as a female professional in a male dominated field gave her an insight that was especially helpful to me as her experience mirrored mine in significant ways. It allowed her to share how to return to the place of feminine energy. Victoria has helped me as I connect with my lineage and walk on a path of healing, grace, and strength. She has given me the tools to know, understand, connect with and access my higher being. That higher being is who I go to as I make decisions about my life. It is my guiding light. Every role in my life benefits greatly from my work with Victoria – as a woman, wife, mother, boss, dentist, educator, friend, family member, and human. Peeling the layers that don’t serve me anymore and following the flight of the condor is a life changing experience. There are many facets of Victoria that have enriched my life. Her compassion, love, wisdom, intelligence, and insight – but what I love the most is her ability willingness desire to laugh out loud and keep it real. I am deeply grateful that Victoria is part of my soul family.
Dr. Sunita Merriman
Westfield, NJ

Working at the Energetic, Mapping at the Mythic, and Grounding at the Physical

Our work is holistic and co-creative. We support our clients with several ancient Inka healing interventions that work at the level of the energetic. We assist our clients in creating and sustaining larger, more mythic, maps for themselves through the use of divination, ceremony and sacred play. To help the client ground the shifts that are underway, homework is often a part of the session. We do not work on physical conditions or provide therapy. Our focus is on shifting the underlying energetic patterns and in helping our clients recover their soul's purpose and to dream more courageous dreams for themselves and the world.

For each session, we track the appropriate energetic intervention(s) needed. These include:


The Illumination is an elegant core process that clears the energy imprints in the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), and brings about healing at the blueprint level of our being. These imprints need to be cleared because they predispose us to unhealthy physical and emotional conditions. The Shaman works with the LEF through the chakras, which are vortices of energy that are connected into the nervous system at the spine. We clear the hucha (heavy energy) from the involved chakra, as if we are cleaning a pool, and bring in light from the Shaman's Eighth Chakra to Illuminate the client's chakra. This restores the chakra to its original brilliant color and high vibration and supports the client's evolution into Homo Luminous.


It is sometimes necessary to perform an Extraction of intrusive energies that do not belong to the client and are not healthy for the client's Luminous Energy Field (LEF). These energies can manifest as fluid energies or as crystallized energies. Crystallized energies occur over time, and are generally the result of energy that has been directed to a client by another, or is self directed. The Shaman performs a Crystallized Extraction with her hands.

Fluid energy can be strong thought form energy that is picked up from the collective – emotions such as fear, envy, and anger. These emotions can penetrate the LEF. Fluid energies can also be entities that have attached to the LEF. In most cases of fluid entities, the entities are loved ones that are lost. At death, they attached to the closest psychically open relative or friend. The Shaman performs a Fluid Extraction with a specially designed high vibrational crystal that is attractive and safe for the energy.

The purpose of all Extraction work is two-fold: to restore the client’s energetic homeostasis and to ensure that the client’s affinity to the extracted energy has been addressed. The affinity is shifted through an Illumination. For the Fluid Entity Extraction, there is another purpose and that is to find healing and peace for the entity through further ceremony where the energy is safely released from the crystal.

Soul Retrieval

When a client experiences trauma that he or she perceives as significant, part of the soul can be lost. In the lore of the Inka tradition, this healed part leaves and goes into the belly of the Earthmother (the Lower World, past, or Subconscious) to find safety. When soul loss has occurred, clients will often have an intuitive sense that a part of themselves or "something" is missing. Soul loss is significant because it can result in the loss of life force and the formation of limiting contracts that keep the client safe, but stuck in the past. When the loss is significant enough, it can derail completely, the client's destiny or soul purpose.

The Soul Retrieval process returns the missing soul part with its vibrant clarity and confidence (and the missing quanta of life force energy). The process also returns other tools (gifts and instinctual energies) that support the integration of the soul piece back into the client’s life. The client can now write a more powerful contract that frees him or her to create a more soulful and fulfilling life. This is a potent process that midwifes the client’s rebirthing.

My session with Victoria Johnson was beautiful! I had been aware of some of the cords that Victoria had cut as those areas were frequently "sore." The physical pain has disappeared. In addition, the subtle relationship between my dad and me has shifted in positive ways. As Victoira worked on my past (the underworld), I had the experience of floating and releasing. It was intense yet gentle. So beautiful! Since my session, my mind is much more still. The aspects that I want in my life are taking root and the gifts are integrating and inviting me to explore, to discover.
Ian Ellis
Ontario, Canada

Destiny Retrieval

Sometimes, a Soul Retrieval can reorient a client's destiny. In other cases, a Destiny Retrieval may be necessary. The Shaman journeys to the Upper World (the future or Superconscious), on behalf of the client, in order to track the client's highest destiny or to weave together strands of several possible destinies. In the latter case, the client exhibits several gifts and talents, but may be confused about which one should have priority. Weaving the destiny strands assists in the integration process.

In effect, the Shaman assists the client in finding the beautiful Sacred Contracts that he or she made before birth and helps the client begin to live into them NOW! Destiny Retrieval is the artistry of the master Shaman.

Great Death Rites

According to the lore of the Inkan tradition, when we die consciously, our Spirit goes to the heavens, our Body to the earth, and our Wisdom to the mountains. When the physical body shuts down, the soul prepares for its journey home. The Great Death Rites practiced by shamanic traditions allow us to understand the kind of closure needed at the time of death - for all involved in the process. They provide specific steps to bring reconciliation and healing both to the loved ones and to the person dying. The Great Death Rites also free the Luminous Energy field from the body so that Spirit Flight can be achieved. When a client is in the process of dying, a Shaman can provide immeasurable support and healing to the whole family.

Sometimes, it is appropriate to perform the Great Death Rites (or a variation of the death rites) for a living client. Some examples are: the client who is in the midst of significant life transition where everything is changing; or the client has had a series of near death experiences. In effect, the death rites shift the client’s relationship with death and support his or her “rebirth.” 

Ceremonies, Rituals, Rites of Passage, and Energy Clearing Services

When we work in ceremony or with ritual, we work at the level of Spirit. It is a place of Sacred time, a place of timelessness. This is a potent energy in which to work. Condor Journey also provides several additional ceremonial services for our clients. These services include:

Despacho Ceremonies

Despacho Ceremonies are ancient rituals of the Incan shamans that bring beauty, balance and abundance to those participating (and those for whom prayers are made). There are several types of Despachos but all are mandalas to Spirit that contain potent offerings and prayers.

The Ayni Despacho is the most common type of despacho. It is traditionally made during powerful times of the year, such as Solstices. The Shaman uses natural materials, flowers, chocolates and sweets. With great intention and love, the Shaman uses her breath to blow prayers into each object before it is placed into the mandala. When the Despacho is completed, each participant is cleansed with it and it is ritually given to the fire, to ensure that the prayers are released to Spirit.

Condor Journey offers Despachos in both group and private settings. 

Rites of Passage

Although not necessarily common or easily accessible in our culture, the journey of initiation has ancient maps with distinct portals of transition. It is important to honor these transitions so that we can mine and integrate the wisdom of each and so that we don’t become caught in any that we have outgrown.

In our modern world, we move through many passages. These include, but are not limited to: birth, puberty, adulthood, marriage, divorce, parenthood, loss of a child, loss of a parent or significant other, wisdomhood, and death.

Condor Journey has created Rites of Passage for each of these major initiations that acknowledge and honor the importance of the transition in a deeply sacred way.

Energy Clearing Services

Our shamanic services also include interventions that clear and rebalance homes, land, and workspaces.

We bought an old house sited not very far from some Revolutionary War battlegrounds in Concord, MA. We fell in love with the house, with the beautiful area and with the sense of history. What we didn't anticipate were the very serious problems with negative energy and entities that we would encounter in our new home.

We struggled for several years with challenges such as sleep deprivation, and unusual health and emotional difficulties. After trying several techniques and approaches, we found Victoria. We had decided that this would be our last attempt at clearing; if it didn't work out, we were prepared to sell and move.

After Victoria's work, we are now sleeping soundly, happy and healthy again and have our own techniques to continue to protect our family and our home. Victoria helped us reclaim our space, our sanity and our health!

Concord, Massachusetts

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